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Employee Counselling

What is Employee Counselling?

Organisational issues including workload, organisational change and management style as well as personal issues can have a major impact on your employees' wellbeing. This can result in decreased productivity and absence, leading to increased costs to your business.

Employees who suffer from anxiety, stress and depression might potentially be considered to be disabled and therefore covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 as a result in changes to the Act in December 2005.

Failure to meet an organisation's duty of care obligations can be costly:

  • £828,000 in damages was awarded to a Deutche Bank City Worker due to bullying. (Helen Green v DB Group Services (UK) Ltd [2006] EWHC 1898)
  • In Walker v Northumberland County Council [1995] IRLR 35, HC, the Council made a payment of £175,000 to the employee in an out-of-court settlement

Referring the employee to a confidential counselling service can help your employees to resolve their issues and help you to fulfill your duty of care, thereby helping to protect your organisation against litigation.

Furthermore, employee counselling can improve attendance, increase productivity and motivation, reduce grievances and promote morale, all of which impact on an organisation's success.

How We Can Help You

We provide short term counselling based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy approaches. We focus on identifying the strengths and resources of your employees and help them to construct solutions to their problems and identify coping strategies.

On average, effective results can be seen after as little as 6 counselling sessions. We represent a cost-effective solution to many of the people problems employers face today as you only pay for the service when you use it.

Please click on the link for a full list of the issues that we can help you with.

Invest In Your Staff's Wellbeing Today!

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